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Jenny hu
It is a wonderful trip for us. Especially, the Cairo part Magdy is so nice and very responsible, which made our trip very smooth and enjoyable.... More
King Ramses and Queen Nefertari
Staying in Super deluxe hotels and cruising aboard a five star super deluxe...
Glory of Abu Simbel
Experience the best of Egypt, from the legendary Pyramids of Giza and iconic...
King Ramses Sun Festival
Add an extra special element to your Egyptian holiday by combining it with the...
Egyptian Pharaoh
Take a 12 day guided tour of Egypt's best: Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Sharm El...
Nile Wonder
Egypt Holiday Package to Cairo starts here. See Hurghada with Luxor and Aswan...
Nile Crystal
Visit the pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian museum, Luxor, valley of kings, Karnak,...
Nile Majesty
Egypt Holiday Package to Cairo, Alexandria monuments, Luxor, Aswan and Nile...
Nile Voyager
Egypt Holiday Package to Cairo, Luxor and Aswan Nile Cruise to explore best...
Solar Boat
Visit the pyramids, Sphinx, valley of temple, Luxor, valley of kings, Karnak,...
Splendor of Egypt
Get on an exciting tour to visit Cairo, Luxor and the Red Sea. You will enjoy...
Golden Pyramids
Stand at the foot of the Great Pyramids of Egypt! Marvel at the Sphinx statue,...
Mount Sinai & St. Catherine extension from Cairo.
Take a trip to the most visited landmarks of Sinai on this day trip from...
Egyptian Museum, Citadel , Old Cairo And Bazaar Tour
Brace yourself for a tryst with the history of ancient Egypt at the Egyptian...
Memphis, Saqqara And The Pyramids Of Giza Tour
See the very best of Ancient Egypt – including the wondrous Pyramids of...